Saturday, June 30, 2012

Creativity Day 3: Describe A Room

Abravanel hall. Graduation day. Childbrides line the stage – wait those are the graduating group. Bouquets, awards, programs, diplomas. I hope you have more than two arms. Names read aloud. 56 kids walk across the stage. Kids that are adults because the piece of paper they’re holding says so. Gold leafing. They know it’s gold leafing from the 5th grade field trip there, when they first thought it was all pure gold. So much solid gold. The symphony played that day. Today, no symphony will serve. Just words words words. The right words? There are no right words for today, because today the happy thing is indistinguishable from the sad thing. Goodbyes are inherently sad, and yet... The childbrides are the forest creature in that one movie that the daddy has to yell to “get off, go” even as he cries, because daddy’s know what is best for forest creatures. Future. Past. Thank you. Congratulations. Good bye. So long. Farewell. Adieu to you my friends. My friends. I will miss you my friends, 

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