Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creativity Day 1: Getting Started

So remember how I've been working on a big writing project?
This morning I'm off to Europe for about a month. Lorin and I are going to Russia, Finland and Estonia. Judy, my two cousins, my aunt, and I are going to Italy. Then Judy and I are going trekking in Switzerland. Everyone kinda wanted to go on a trip with me this summer, which is awesome. It's also awesome that I get to spend some one-on-one time with each of my parents, whom I love dearly, if I haven't written that before (or enough).
However exciting the adventure, I literally couldn't bear the thought of letting my blog go blank for a month. So I found a set of prompts called "30 Days of Creativity". Then I started writing them and found them to be bullshit. They were more like bad therapy than writing prompts. So I've scoured my writing books, blogs and the internet and found 30 prompts to respond to for my own 30 days of creativity (special thank you to So I've spent June writing said prompts and scheduling them for posting. Some of them I spent a lot of time on, some just ten minutes, some are teeny tiny one sentence posts (and don't even think of judging me for my inherently shitty first drafts), but there's always something, so check in every day at 9:00, because I am proud to say that I've got one to go up for every day I'm gone. (It's worth noting that I was too lazy to post the entire prompt most days, but that the title pretty much sums it up.) I'm going to blog every day for a year if it kills me.
And if I happen to get internet here or there while I'm away, I'll post then too! Which would make for two posts a day sometimes. So stick with me. Don't bail on reading my blog just because I'm not in the country.
And here we go.

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