Thursday, May 31, 2012

French Braids

I'm home! I'm back from my senior trip.
49 of us (6, for various reasons, did not come) went river rafting the past three days. And it was an entirely lovely time. I really do know some incredible people.
There were, of course, water fights. It was HOT so that was just what the days called for. There was also sun burn. My lips look botoxed right now because they're sad and burned. My shoulders are red, but I'm almost positive they'll turn tan by the time I'm wearing my childbride dress onstage at graduation.
There was also a literal shit bucket (and a pee one). They had us shit in a bucket instead of in the wilderness. I did not like that. I avoided using the shit bucket. Sometimes I am prissy. I'm really quite good at peeing in the wilderness (if there's one thing Kili taught me, it's that). But an entire bucket of shit is one of the most disgusting things I've ever been around. That was the worst part.
The cook was vegetarian-friendly. We camped on a beach. We slept under the beautiful stars. We sat around the fire and sang songs while Stevie played guitar at night.
And I remembered that my hair is long enough to french braid if I do two. French braiding my own hair is one of my favorite things in the world.
All and all, it was a really wonderful time.
Graduating isn't sad. Saying goodbye is.

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