Friday, May 11, 2012


So last night we went to the movie theater to see that live screening of This American Life. And it was awesome. So horrifically incredibly awesome and engaging and everything I could ever hope for from This American Life and then some. There's another showing Tuesday night. So go. Go. I triple dog dare you to go.
Anyway, at one point, Ira Glass was all like "and now we're going to have dancers dance". And I've scoured the internet for a clip of this dance, but I can't find it to save my life. Which really is too bad. It was done by this company. And it totally made me cry.
It wasn't a bit traditional at all, but it was an incredibly accessible piece. There's this solo by this dancer named Anna Bass who I'm a teensy bit enamored with. She's dancing and such and then this cardboard box gets thrown at her. And she puts it down. And keeps dancing. Then another. Then three. And just when she's got the three piled up, 35 (or so) boxes drop behind her. And that made me cry. Which is maybe silly. But probably what it's supposed to do. And I'm like yes, the universe keeps dropping boxes on me and I can't carry them all and I need someone to help me get rid of them. Then the dancer, Anna Bass, starts stacking boxes. And she doesn't get all of them. Not even close. But she gets maybe eight or nine. And it's a big stack. But it's lovely, because the ones that she didn't get don't matter so much. And the whole thing just made me cry.
I am not literate today. The English AP sucked up all my literacy. Good thing that was an articulate description of that dance and why it made me cry.

PS. This is what school now means. This is an actual picture from class yesterday. That one curled up in the middle not sleeping? That's me. But oh what a beautiful book.

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