Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We built a house

Sunday, when I finally got my computer to accept a wire connection to the internet (it still hates wi-fi), I was in the computer room catching up on my internet time. Lizzy was in there too, playing with blocks. I love the way she will play, making sound effects and throwing in little pieces of dialogue, just because that makes playtime so much more exciting. Oh, to be four. I'm going to miss those kids so much when I go to college.
At a certain point, she decided that as long as I was in the room I should be playing with her, so she asked me to build a house with her. So we built a house. We went with a post-modern architecture vision. We were quite proud of it. After taking pictures, we wrecked it and built a tower. The best part of playing with blocks is tearing down whatever you've built.

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