Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things Are Good

Things are working out good. Its February and I don't want to do school work anymore, but things still seem good. Yesterday, Lorin got the oil changed in my car, filled up on gas and got it detailed. My car hasn't been this clean since I started driving. I sing along to trashy pop songs on the radio. I watch hours of liberal news and yell at the TV when Gingrich or Romney speaks. I love Romney for one thing: making himself so damn easy to hate. I read young hip feminist essays and Faulkner late at night. My hair is soft and makeup is optional. I articulate my feelings better and better all the time. Gratitude lists are long. Leggings are pants. I'm comfortable with who I am. I do well with people because I am finally learning not to get so worked up about drama and relationships, all of a sudden it no longer matters. I wrote a poem that I'm incredibly proud of. I can drive to school. I getting to be okay with starting to feel nurturing and maternal. I feel valuable again.Yep, things are good.

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