Friday, February 10, 2012

Thank you, Universe

Sometimes, the universe does really nice things for me.
Yesterday it did six, specifically.
Thursdays are great for me because I don't have an actual class until 10:20. So I got up at quarter to eight, got ready casually, stopped by the bagel store for breakfast, and then spend the next two hours sitting on a couch at school reading. It was the best way ever to start a morning. I'm on this reading kick right now where all I want to do is read, in an almost addictive way. I find myself thinking about how much I'd rather be reading though all my classes. But, anyway, the morning reading on a couch was good thing number 1.
My debate coach wrote my case for me. Which sounds small, but is actually really generous and wonderful. Alex and I are going to go as a team together, which will be so much fun. I love that I get to have smart, articulate, opinionated friends. That was good thing number 2.
I needed to get gas so I could go downtown to hear Pam Houston read from her book Contents May Have Shifted (which I'll get to later). The problem is that I have almost no money for gas this month, because I went into allowance-debt last month to buy this pair of shoes. That  decision was, by the way, totally worth it. Look how incredible they are. LOOK:

So, anyway, I get to the pump figuring I can afford nine gallons or so, which is enough to get me downtown and probably through the weekend (thank you parents, for making me drive the car that gets 12 mpg). Anyway, I put in my debit card and what not and up pops the message "you have a $1 per gallon fuel reward. Would you like to use now?" YES. Yes I would. So I filled up my whole tank for thirty-six dollars. That was good thing number 3.

Now I've got gas for at least another week and enough allowance money left to probably make it through the month.
The reading was really fun too. Pam Houston has a voice. A funny entertaining voice. I only know/ have met a handful of writers, but they're all wonderfully eccentric. Pam Houston would fit in that category. I love that writers are crazy. I hope I get to be crazy and eccentric (in that good way) when I grow up. I was a little bit disappointed to find that she's crazy in a different way in person than in writing, but by the end I was warmed up to in-person crazy. Meeting Pam Houston was good thing number 4.
Naturally, I asked Pam Houston about meeting Toni Morrison who is, apparently, as good as she's supposed to be and "deserves every good thing that's ever happened to her". Pam Houston told me that Toni Morrison has a new book coming out May 8 OF THIS YEAR. Screw graduation and college and all the things I'm looking forward to in 2012, Home will be the highlight of this year for me. So finding out about that was good thing number 5.
I changed my earrings tonight and nothing exploded. Lorin bought me this pair of really pretty turquoise earrings when he was in Tuscon for the annual gigantic mineral fair, and I put them in and my ears didn't get angry or anything. So that was good thing number 6.
So thank you universe. I promise to put out good Karma this week and to say thank you for all the green lights I hit and the good books I read.

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