Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Super Fun Leap Day!

I happen to think that a Leap Day is a gift that the universe gives us every four years. It's an extra day. I also happen to think that what you do with your extra day matters. Also, I like that leap year happens to coincide very nicely with my education. Last February 29, I was almost done with middle school. Next February 29 I will be a senior in college.
Kat and I decided to have Super Fun Leap Day! this year because I don't have a final so there's no school! That's right, the universe gave me a school-free extra day this year. That is not the kind of gift one just passes up.
Super Fun Leap Day!
Sleeping in, of course. Then a visit to the new Harmon's at City Creek, because I hear it's magnificent. I'm a sucker for a really good grocery store. Then to the new Natural History Museum. It's such a beautiful building, and they've got some of Lorin's minerals in there, which will be worth seeing I think, not because they're particularly special minerals, but because they're Lorin's. Then shopping, of course, because shopping is a must. Book shopping to be exact. At trolley square, so we can go to the new Sam Weller's and Tabula Rasa. Dinner at the Melting Pot, because melted dark chocolate is kinda our thing. And then in the evening I want to go down to the Salt Lake Library to hear Ghandi's grandson talk about his grandfather.
Yay for Super Fun Leap Day!

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  1. Harmon's will make you wish you lived downtown. I think I'm there every day. (I've already been today).