Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Several Fridays ago, a psychologist (or some thing brain-science-y) came to talk to the seniors. (The administration decided to do this instead of sending us to class, because class on Friday doesn't count). We all took a survey online, and one of the questions on that survey was about what we'd maybe want to major in once we get to college. By nearly triple everything else, sciences came in on top. Humanities came in very bottom, after arts, yes, after arts, with one history and one English. This totally shocked me. In my head, everyone wants to be an English major. Four years of English classes discussing and reading great literature and learning how to write - what more could anyone ask for?
That being said, I'm really proud of the women in my grade. I'm proud of the boys too, but way more the women. Is that sexist? Maybe. I can still live with myself. After watching this video, I was really proud of us:

I'm proud of the girls in my life for wanting careers in science. And honestly, I'm actually really proud that I'm good at math (or used to be before I got stupid). I've kinda grown to hate math and give up on it entirely, but I'm proud that I got a 5 on AP Calc, and that if I want to, I'm totally capable of going into math  (assuming my brain decides to come back). But I'm more proud of my best friend Alex who wants to be psychologist or a neuroscientist and Elisabeth who's going to do cognitive neuroscience, and Emma who wants to double major in English and Physics, and all the others who want to do math and science fields. I love that I get to spend my time around powerhouse women who want to take on the science world. And you know what? They will kick the science world's ass. Then they'll write poems about it that will probably win lots of awards.
Maybe they'll let me, their poor starving eccentric writer friend, come summer with them on Cape Cod.

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  1. I love this. And I also really love that you know my current intended major(s). Approve approve. On an unrelated note:

    Here's the link to an article I mentioned to you the other day -

    Interesting stuff. On the whole, I'm a fan of birth control and I'm glad for Obama's policies regarding it. But still, I think this is an interesting point about how it's possible to be dismissive of women when we swing too far in the other direction too. Also, I feel like this writer would like Miss Representation, and while that's entirely my own projection, it still makes me feel like I would like her if we met in person. Let me know what you think, yeah?

    (Also, Kathy says hi.)