Saturday, February 11, 2012

Poems are good for you

Here's something I didn't know:
Poems are good for you.
Poems are good for you because they open up new places inside and break your heart in entirely new ways. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for beautiful prose, but sometimes poems make things beautiful where prose falls flat on its face. Discovering this has been really exciting. I love reading poetry collections. I love that moment when I read something and I just want to hold it inside me forever. Or that moment when I stand in pure awe at how wonderfully scraps of words can be strung together. I love staying up late writing poetry. I love that my thoughts can mold themselves into a poem. If I take nothing else away from my creative writing class, this new love of poetry made the class a worthwhile pursuit. In no other class can I walk in an say "I want something to break my heart" and have my teacher hand me something that will! That's pretty incredible. This is why I assume everyone wants to be an English major. I'm sorry, biology will never break your heart quite like a poem will. Never.
I've started a poetry journal. I already have section of my journal that's for quotes, but it was starting to fill too quickly with poems. So poetry now has a journal all its own. Good thing I always have an extra moleskine on hand.
So here's a poem I wrote:


            bitter    graceless   soothing
   tastes of people
          the earth
            our breath
where light
    is between
                in my heart
                 on my skin
hibiscus blooms orange
                                    pink yellow
            tucked behind ears
            take a picture
                           palm’s lifelines
roots - counterpoint
            to anchors -
  vanish like spring
                                 like secrets
                                        smoke -

            No one come in.

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