Wednesday, February 8, 2012


One of the things that irritates me most is the fact that we define women by their marital status. A man is always mister. Not so for women. There's Miss and Mrs (and the underused Ms). Because, obviously, the most important thing about a woman is her marital status. That's certainly the first thing I want someone to know about me. Along those lines, I deliberately always have a ring on my left hand's ring finger, because I hate the idea of someone knowing my marital status because of that finger. I don't like that that's the finger that's "saved" for marriage, like some sort of crazy outward representation of a hymen. I digress.
Here's my feminist article of the day. This town in France decided that defining women by their marital status is stupid. " "It's about eliminating all terms that could be discriminatory or indiscreet," the town hall at Cesson-Sevigne, a suburb of the western town of Rennes, in Brittany, said in a statement explaining that the title "mademoiselle" had been banished from all official forms since the beginning of the year. "The existence of two different terms to indicate women who are married and those who aren't is a discrimination for women because there is no differentiation that exists for men." "
I think I'd fit in there. Also, I love the organization Osez la Feminisme. Dare Feminism. What a beautiful name for an organization.

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