Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm planning myself a road trip

The need to go on an adventure has consumed me again.
This time, I'm thinking road trip to California, hopefully during second spring break (thank god they give us two). I've got time off near the end of April and I'm pretty sure California is calling my name. Maybe I'll have to put it off until summer. I would like it very much if I did not. Why, you ask, is California calling my name. There are two reasons:

1) Bart's Books  the largest outdoor bookstore in the world. Yes. Yes, please.

2) National Steinbeck Center. THEY HAVE ROCINANTE.

So that's what my adventure-seeking brain is planning. I think we're looking for a chaperone (seeing as I'm still a minor and my parents have some control with that whole paying for college thing). Anyone wanna come? We'll be well behaved. And really it's a literary exchange, not a road trip with teenage girls. Pleassssse.

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