Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Last Friday, Dizzy died. Dizzy is a horse. He was 23. This is a kind of family tragedy, because he's been in the family longer than I have. Maybe I cried when I got the text.
Dizzy was black when Lorin first bought him. At that time Lorin's hair was dark. They went white together. I love this.
Lorin rode Dizzy in all sorts of reining competitions. Dizzy was a good horse. Well-trained and always tried really hard to do what he was told. Tried to please. This is a good trait in a horse.
Dizzy got his name because he was quick at spinning in circles. He would spin so quickly that Lorin would get dizzy. Things like this are why he was good in reining competitions.
For some reason, kids always preferred to ride Dizzy. I get a little bit defensive of Tinker, the other horse who is mine and I don't want his feelings to get hurt, but kids would always want to ride Dizzy instead of Tinker. I like to say they picked Dizzy because he's white, but really it's because Dizzy is much gentler. Kids can sense stuff like that. They understood that Dizzy was the kinder of the two horses.
When I was little, Dizzy bucked me off. That was the first time I ever got bucked off a horse. I was six or seven. I later forgave him for that.
On President's day, Lorin and I took a drive up to the cabin on a whim. At my insistence, we also stopped by the farm where the horses are being boarded. I'm glad we saw Dizzy before he died. I love that horse.
Dizzy and me circa my 2nd birthday
We still have Tinker, or rather I still have Tinker, but it's not quite the same. One horse is not the same as two. This means Lorin and I can't take rides together anymore, which is really the greater tragedy. We've ridden horses together my whole life. It's one of those cornerstones in our relationship. More than anything, it breaks my heart that I won't get to go on rides up at the cabin with Lorin this summer.

Ps. College starts six months from today. I hope this does not mean I have than six months to become an adult. I won't make it.

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