Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Yesterday was a bad day. I woke up late, had to get gas to even make it to school, Sue - the stupid barista that I hate - messed up my order, I started getting sick, it was the Florida primary (which means no Rachel Maddow show and watching Republicans talk too much) AND, I went to the dentist.
Going to the dentist is a special kind of torture. First, the angle of the chair. It inevitably gives me a headache, and upon standing up, I get so dizzy I have to grasp the chair to not fall. And the dentist always makes me bleed. Gentleness, evidently, is not something taught in dental school. Surely there is a more productive way to clan my teeth than prodding, jabbing and scraping my teeth with a pointy hook. Perhaps the most offensive is the movie thing, where they play trashy movies on a screen built into the ceiling, but the sound is set way too low to be able to hear it over the drills. Dentist's office are apparently too good for captions. I end up watching the movie anyway, but whenever a good part comes the dentist or the assistant inevitably sticks their head in front of the screen. But the most flagrant offense is the fact that the dentist never gives good news "you have cavities, come back again. I won't stop until I have your entire soul."
So I have 3 cavities, which the insurance company won't pay to have fixed until May 16, since it's a new policy and they won't pay to fix cavities until six months from when we filed the policy. But the cavities are deep enough that the dentist is all "if you leave them that long they'll turn into root canals." So we're paying out of pocket to fix those 3 cavities. Between the cavities and the $1700 for the rental car I banged up in Hawaii, my parents are really happy with me.
The whole dentist thing is bullshit.

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