Friday, January 6, 2012

Vending Machine

Two weeks or so ago, I was at the beach and I was dehydrated from laying in the sun for too long. So I got up and went to find a drink.
I found my answer in a vending machine. It was one of those old one without glass on the front - the ones that just have a giant coke insignia on the front. I put in my dollar, pushed the "I WANT A DIET COKE" button and heard the familiar thump of a can falling down.
So imagine my surprise when I opened the flap and saw not a diet coke, but a carrot. A big carrot. The kind you feed to horses.
I couldn't eat the carrot, God knows where it's been. But I didn't have money for another diet coke, and even if I did, I didn't want another contaminated carrot. So I just called it a loss.
I still can't figure out how the hell a carrot got in a vending machine.
Has anyone else ever had anything strange come out of a vending machine?

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