Friday, January 27, 2012


First of all, Sundance is one of my favorite words ever. I think it's just beautiful. Also, their jewelry is to die for.
This year, I decided I finally wanted to go to Sundance. There are a few really wonderful things about Utah, and I can't miss out on any of them because they're so few and far between. Sundance happens to be a complete gem.
So Wednesday I went to The Invisible War which is a documentary about rape and sexual assult within the military. It was incrediby brutal, but really well done and it felt important. It left me feeling incredibly disgusted with the military, which it seems, functions as a boys' club and has never adjusted to admitting women. Which is mostly just sad, because the military could hugely benefit from the things women have to offer. I liked that the focus of the film was why these rapes are going unpunished and what needs to change. It was devastating, but it wasn't a film made simply to make the audience sad. It was made to expose what's going wrong and what specifically needs to change. Also, the husbands of the women who were raped were incredibly moving. They were such good men.
Thursday was Pursuit of Loneliness. We went expecting to see film that would make us weep. What we saw instead was an Indie film devoid of meaning. It was sad but empty. We walked out and said "well, did you get that at all?" Indie films are way over my head. But now I can say I've seen a real true Sundance film.
We got gelato at the Whole Foods Mecca after. That made it okay. We're also now terrified of dying alone.

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