Thursday, January 26, 2012

Plea For Help

Hello World. I need help. I need a white dress.
What? I can hear you asking why a white dress? You're 17! And a feminist! Well, dear reader, it's because over at my school, we're pretentious, and so all the girls wear white dresses to graduation (which we call commencement, like Harvard does) And there is to be none of that cap and gown junk for us. But don't you all look like child brides? Yes, yes we do. Especially because the dress must be knee length, and modest aka sleeves and don't even think about a low cut neckline. Cleavage is for the damned. Okay, so why white? Aren't your school colors maroon and navy? Yes, they are maroon and navy. And yes, finding a black dress of the same description would be the easiest thing ever. But the first graduating class wore white, so the rest of us are doomed to do the same. That sucks, but couldn't you look at wedding websites? The problem with wedding websites is that the dresses are almost all floor length, and the few tea length ones are ridiculously expensive. I can't pay $1200 for a graduation dress. I just can't. So what are you going to do? Not graduate? Well, for a brief period of time I considered that. My back up plan is a men's dress shirt for an ever-classy morning-after look. But I'd like to avoid that. Which is where you, dear reader, come in:
Please please please keep your eyes out for white (or light cream) dresses.
Especially those of you who read fashion blogs/are addicted to Pintrest (Krystle, I'm talking to you). I'm desperate here.
Because really, I'm not sure they'll let me walk across the stage if I show up looking like this:



    White pant suit. Really.