Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Movie

Yesterday was a two-movie day.
The first was a screening of Miss Representation that Emma and I organized. It went over beautifully. We had lots of people come (lots being more than Emma and I) and even some few very brave very admirable boys. It's such an important movie. Each time I watch it I find myself invigorated by all the things that I can work towards changing. It leaves me feeling inspired and excited to take the world head-on.
Sometimes, I love being young and naive and invincible. 
The second movie was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which was, without question, the most devastating movie I've ever seen. It's totally different from the book, but it's okay; it works. In some ways, it's even more devastating than the book. Kat literally cried the entire movie. I hid behind my hair a few times. It's so raw and painful. But it's also strangely hopeful. Like just maybe the world is in fact a beautiful place and just maybe people are at their hearts incredibly good.And maybe things work out in the end. I think it's worth seeing, but only if you can stand to have your heart broken. Literally. Kat waked out "I feel like my heart's just been beaten up and I don't know what to do."
It's a really stark contrast to Slaugherhouse-five. I think it's the antithesis of "so it goes". But I like that I can feel truth in both.

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