Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's 1:00 and I'm blogging.
Homework: I've done all of 45 minutes tonight (but in those 45 minutes, I did 4 stats problems, wrote a poem and a paper).
Here's the thing: I have absolutely run out of motivation. I'm hitting the shitfest that is winter. January sucks. February gets worse. As it turns out, senioritis is a real thing. Either that or we're preconditioned to become really lazy and call it senioritis from all the years of being warned about senioritis; I blame former upperclassmen and teachers. At any rate, I need to break this. I need to read more good books. And eat out more. And to go shopping. I'm a firm believer in retail therapy. Maybe a spa day is in store too.

In the meantime, I remain unmotivated. How unmotivated am I? Well, I've recently taken up watching hours of Rachel Maddow online, which is, generally speaking, an awesome thing to do. I've seen every episode of the Colbert Report since September. AND, tonight I've spent a little over two hours looking at pictures of baby animals. Yeah, I'm that unmotivated. On the upside, baby animals are the best things ever. They're so cute I could die. Seriously, I promise they will make your day better.

Baby Asian Elephant:

Baby Dik Dik:

Baby Hedgehog:

Baby Pandas (PLURAL!):

Infant Honeybadger:

Baby Porcupine:

Baby Pygmy Hippo:

Baby Sloth:

And if I can't have a whole zoo full of baby animals, then I guess all I want in life is a baby penguin that I can tickle:

Anyway, in an effort to get motivated (and not spend my entire life looking at baby animals), I end up watching lots of commencement address videos, reading Huffington Post's mindful living section and googling things that I think will motivate me. I obviously turned to Oprah for motivation, but she failed me by saying (over and over and over) "it's all about the journey; the destination doesn't matter". Even though the whole "enjoy high school" thing is a nice idea, I daily (usually during math class) wonder if graduation will ever come. But another upside is that I also found some really cool posters. Here are my favorites:

Dear teacher who is reading this and wanting to run me over with your eco-conscious car,

I want you to know it's not your class that I'm unmotivated in. I'm super motivated in your class. I'm just unmotivated in all my other classes. I always do my homework for your class first thing when I get home, because I would way rather do your homework than watch Rachel Maddow or Stephen Colbert or even look at pictures of baby animals.

Except, in all sincerity, I really do adore my classes and my teachers, I just do not love work. Especially not work that takes place at home. 

Thanks for understanding and not taking this personally,

Hannah, the fawning suck-up with senioritis

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  1. Hannah, you're so un-PC. I noticed that you didn't say "Asian Pandas". Geeez lady, stop judging baby elephants by where they're from.