Monday, January 16, 2012


Martin Luther King day is the only federal holiday that is declared a national day of service. I'm taking the bag of old Patagonia jackets that no one in my house wears down to the one warm coat drive.

Here's the famous speech. It's only 17 minutes. I think it's worth listening to for the 52nd time.

Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech (17... by PeteRock

In other, less significant news, I have done exactly five things worth mentioning this weekend:
1) I went snowboarding all by myself. The snow was icy and bad and I only took two runs, but it was a beautiful day of 45 degrees and therefore totally worth it.
2) I read Slaughterhouse-five again. I read it last January. Vonnegut is the absolute best way to get through January and February. Winter seems less gross with Tralfamadorians. I love Vonnegut.
Also, maybe I have a minor obsession with literature tattoo websites. Maybe Slaughterhouse-five is the absolute most popular book to find quotations for tattoos. I mean, think about it, "so it goes" and "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" and "because the moment simply is" are the sort of nearly profound, vague, quippy things suitable for tattoos.
I hate being a minor.
3) Breakfast club at Ruth's diner. What more could I ask for in life than good breakfast with people I adore in a darling place?
4) On a very stupid whim, I bought a pair of very expensive shoes, justifying that I could wear them to graduation. As for a graduation dress, at this rate, it looks like I will be wearing a white men's dress shirt (finding nice white dresses that are not wedding dresses, not floor length, and not more than $300 is impossible) so at least these pumps will class up my morning-after look. So maybe that makes it okay?
Who are we kidding. What the hell was I thinking?
They are beautiful. Oh yeah. That's what I was thinking.
Thank God for Nordstrom's eternal return policy. Now all I have to do is not fall in love with them when they come. Fingers crossed they don't fit. (Sort of).
5) The last momentous thing was that I did not get out of bed until 2:30. That is why being a teenager is great. 

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