Monday, January 2, 2012

The List (because resolutions suck)

Some people are really really good at coming up with resolutions that are both creative and meaningful. Some make up clever names for their resolutions. Some even follow through on their resolutions for the whole damn year.
I am not one of those people.
So, this year, instead of setting some goal that I would inevitably post on my blog (remember last year's failed goal), I went for something different. I was reading this article on Huffington Post that led me to this article on Wise Bread.
"Set a timer for 20 minutes. Go. Write down 100 things you want to do. Or careers you want to have. Or people you would like to meet. The sky is the limit. Don't be realistic. Dream big. Write down the craziest things you can think of, as well as the things that you don't even think bear mentioning because they are so simple. Write it all down. Work quickly. 20 minutes isn't very long, and you have 100 items to get through, if you can. Don't think about whether or not to write down an idea — just write. Write everything that comes to mind, even if it doesn't make sense. Just keep on writing, and don't stop until that timer goes off."
It's a rush write. I love the idea and decided to follow through on the challenge.
So yesterday, in my last couple hours in Hawaii, on the first day of 2012 (a year I long believed would never come), I went down with my moleskine notebook to a secluded spot on the beach, set my phone timer for twenty minutes, and made my list. After 20 minutes, I only had 78 down, so I took an extra 8 minutes to write the last 22. After I finished, I looked over it; it ranges from really huge life-changing things to really small everyday things, but it really isn't a to-do list or a bucket list. If it were, I would be incredibly overwhelmed. Rather, it's a look-at-the-amazing-life-I-have-ahead-of-me-with-endless-possibilities list, an I love-being-young list. So my new year's resolution is simply to look at the list and feel invigorated and excited about the list and my life, to embrace the chance that's coming because of the possibilities it brings. And maybe do a few things on the list.
I'm not going to post the whole list, because there are some things too personal and some are boring and some are silly. But here are some highlights:
7. Use my Nalgenes and my thermoses. Don't waste paper or plastic cups.
10. Write thank you notes
11. Get blank monogrammed notecards to write said thank you notes on. (I want either these or these)
13. Organize a book drive. Donate my old books to charity.
15. Eat breakfast.
18. Join the Peace Corps
22. Invite Toni Morrison to graduation
25. Work as a scuba diving instructor.
28. Work for an NGO abroad.
32. Wear heels more often.
37. Write for the New York Times.
41. Vote in every election I can. Utilize the voice I am fortunate to have.
53. Be more punctual.
59. Wear more ankle-length skirts.
62. Go barefoot.
66. Read every book Steinbeck ever wrote.
68. Get a tattoo.
75. Keep my spaces more organized. Don't have giant piles of books and clothes all over my floor.
76. Learn to write writer's cursive - the kind that isn't perfectly formed but is rather messy and scrawled and beautiful.
78. Do something dangerous. Break a bone.
85. Go to Bhutan. Meditate.
92. Make friends with a dirt poor musician.
94. Give money to homeless people on the street.
95. Plant a tree.
99. Spend a summer working at Birch Creek.

Ps. I have a secret affinity for for horoscopes:

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