Saturday, January 14, 2012


So, on Thursday, I got a phone call from work:
"Hi Hannah, it's Rachel" Rachel is my boss.
"Hey! What's up?"
"Well, I don't know if you've heard, but we've changed management and we're not the Firehouse any more. And the new management doesn't want any part time workers, so anyone who works under 20 hours a week. So, I've got your shifts covered and stuff, but you don't work here anymore."
"Um.... okay?"
"But if you ever finish school and want to come back and work full time, we'll totally hire you."
"Okay. Thanks. See you later"

And so, in a 90-second phone call, I got fired from a job I've worked for 18 months. Last week I had a dream that I got fired. So maybe that was a premonition. And I'm not that upset, but I'm a little disappointed. I mean, I didn't hardly work at all, so I was kinda expecting it, but I'm really good at vacuuming and I liked having a little extra funding.  I can't get another job, because no other job is this flexible or close to school. No other job will put up with "I'm going to Africa for three and a half weeks, so see you later!" I'm fine, but getting fired for the first time sucks.

So, instead of working today, I'm reading Slaughterhouse-five, which is better than working anyway. And I may go get my ears pierced again (since my left one has grown in twice, but my right one has only grown in once...). We'll see.

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