Monday, January 30, 2012

78 Cents

I like Huffington Post's women's section. A lot. (Let's talk about how this was the most vindicating thing I've ever seen). Last week, I checked it out, and saw the article America's Best Paying Cities for Women! and I checked it out, mostly because I wanted to see if Philadelphia was on the list (it was). I like seeing all the best things about Philly. It makes me excited.
Anyway, I was looking casually over the list noticing city names and such, and then I started looking at the numbers. San Jose was number one:

This pissed me off. There's something seriously wrong when, in the city in which women are paid the "best", they still make 72.7% of men's salary. Wage disparities are a big deal. Even though there's lots of "look at those irritating feminists making a big deal out of 78 cents to the dollar every time they can", it's a big deal when women can only make, at best, 73% of men's salary. That's unjust.

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