Monday, January 23, 2012

39 Years

Yesterday marked the 39th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.
Roe is my very favorite piece of legislation. 
I'm a huge fan of Sarah Weddington. She went to law school even when the dean of her university told her not to because no woman from there ever had because it would be "too hard". Then to go on and argue the case for abortion as as 27-year old woman, in front of a panel of old white men, and to win is, to say the least, the feat of a lifetime. She changed America for women.
The other day, I saw a bumper sticker that said "I'm an abortion survivor, and so are you" and I wanted to run the car over. The thing that I can't understand about the anti-abortion position is why they care so much about what some woman they've never met is doing. A pro-life person will never be forced to get an abortion. So why does it matter so much that another woman might?.  I get so irritated people who declare themselves moral decision-makers for all of us. Especially when it's a man talking about what a woman should or should not be able to do with her body. It's like they're saying that women are not capable of making moral decisions on their own, without a man. I find that disgusting.
I hate the term pro-life. Just because I'm pro-choice does not mean I'm anti-life. I just want the right to an abortion.
Kat and I call accident pregnancies assassin babies, because they kill hopes and dreams. Sure, it's mostly just a joke term, but there's truth in saying that a baby is not always a right thing for a woman and she has the right not to be a mother if she's not ready. One of my very favorite pieces of writing comes from the introduction of  Our Bodies, Ourselves "[Knowledge of contraception] has made our pregnancies better, because they no longer happen to us; we actively choose them and enthusiastically participate in them. It has made our parenthood better, because it is our choice rather than our destiny. This knowledge has freed us from paying the role of mother if it is not a role that fits us. It has given us a sense of a larger life space to work in, an invigorating and challenging sense of time and room to discover the energies and talents that are in is, to do the work we want to do."
Here is a video of Rachel Maddow (who I'm a little bit obsessed with) and Terry O'Neill (president of NOW) discussing Roe and what the future looks like for women's reproductive rights:

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  1. Yes, it's those people who need us all in lock-step who drive the world mad.