Monday, December 12, 2011

The Vacuum

I'm still not sure why I got a job.
I think it was, in some ways, another step in my battle for independence. The one I've been waging since I was a little girl insisting I could wear my Cinderella costume anywhere I was going. I think it was also because I was out to prove I wasn't spoiled and entitled; I could work a minimum wage job. I think I just needed something new in my life.
So I got my job. And for the most part, I've really loved it. It's super flexible, I'm more than competent, and I get to hang out with pretty fun people. Having my job has been a really good thing in my life.
Except for one aspect.
The vacuum.
The vacuum is an old black Bissell. I'm pretty sure one of the owners got a new vacuum at home and just dumped their old one at work. It has horrible suction. Like I sometimes wondered why I even bothered vacuuming, because it didn't look any better after. But, I could get over that if it weren't for the smoke. The vacuum smoked. Not on occasion. Every time I used it it smoked. It was that chemical, electrical smoke. The one where you're worried something might actually burst into flames, because you don't know what's going on inside the machine, but you know it's not supposed to smell that way.
So, as I haven't worked for about a month, the one thing I haven't missed is the vacuum. 
Last Saturday, was my first Saturday in a while. It was a pretty good day. Then I opened the closet to pull out the vacuum and I was met with the most beautiful surprise I've ever gotten.
A new Bissell.
I plugged it in. It sucked like a seasoned prostitute. Honestly, the carpets were so clean. The lobby actually looked better. It didn't smell at all. AND, the cherry on top, it has one of those button cord wind-ups. When I was done I just hit the green button and voila! the cord was all wound up.
So, maybe, buying a woman a vacuum for a present isn't the worst thing that could happen. I've always said the best present anyone can give me is a trip or the right book. But maybe a good vacuum would be a nice alternative.

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