Saturday, December 10, 2011


'Tis the season to give gifts.
My friends and I are really good at giving gifts to one another. For my birthday, Kat got me and autographed Bossypants and Alex got me the best perfume I could ever ask for. I've got super great Christmas presents for the two of them this year. I love getting people things you know they're going to love.
Anyway, I recently found the tumblr the books they gave me. I have a secret affinity for it. Except this one. which is sad and pathetic and ridiculous. What kind of man does that? Anyway, I think I love it so much because I love loving books that people give me. Because then I love the book and every time I think about it, it reminds me of someone I love. Like I love the Chronicles of Narnia series because it reminds me of Lorin reading it to me and telling me stories about Puddleglum and Reepicheep, Or like Travels with Charley reminds me of Kat, and it makes me happy because I think of all the adventures we'll never go on and I think about our love of Steinbeck and I think of how much I love that she wanted me to read it. I secretly think that English teachers are remembered the longest because students, 40 years down the road, will see a copy of Catcher in the Rye and remember their freshman English class. No one ever looks at a fish 40 years down the road and remembers their freshman bio class.
I have always said I'd only ever marry a man who bought me books instead of jewelry. I think this is an inherited trait. When my parents got engaged, my mom said she would rather have a sleeping bag than a ring because a sleeping bag is practical, and she liked camping better than jewels anyway. It was a battle, but she finally consented to a gold band. So she and my father had the same wedding ring. I love that story.
Anyway, I want books not jewelry. Because jewelry is pretty, but expensive and impersonal. I don't like the idea of setting up a relationship based upon how much money you can spend on each other. I hate that a diamond symbolizes marriage, because it's so petty. Diamonds don't mean anything. And the other thing is, you have to legitimately try to choose the wrong jewelry, and it's way too easy to pick the right jewelry. Like, look it's shiny and expensive and ornate and unnecessary. How better can I show you I love you?
But books, books are wonderful. Because you have to know someone to buy them a book. Sure, you can give a book you liked to anyone. But buying just the right book for someone else means you know some of their soul. It means you know what they love and why they love it, not just in literature, but in life. For that reason. I think that the right book is the most intimate gift that can be given.

I talk to much about literature. I give up. I'll major in English.
There goes any hope I ever had of having an apartment bigger than 200 square feet.

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