Friday, December 30, 2011


I know I post a billion videos, but TED lectures make my life way better and consequently I like sharing them. One of the most entertaining ones I've seen was Caroline Casey's talk on limits. She's wonderful to listen to - she starts out by talking about how surprised she was when, on her 17th birthday, her parents told her she was legally blind and had been since birth - but she's also a really really good message.

My experience has been that I put limits on myself because I get horribly terrified of failure. I like to pretend I always win. Which is stupid. Because I don't. Because no one does. But it is still really terrifying to want something that I may not be able to have. So, more often than not, I have to very deliberately force myself to push my boundaries. To submit that essay to the lit mag. To take on that giant project. To try not to make enemies out of people I wish I could banish from my life. And I don't always succeed, big shock. But after there's been a little time for dust to settle, I rarely regret trying. I suppose looking past limits, as difficult as it is, is a valuable pursuit.

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by all the valuable pursuits in life.

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