Saturday, January 7, 2012

I picked the right college

I've a minor major obsession with Swarthmore's Website. I think this is entirely okay. It convinces me every day that  I've got wonderful beautiful lovely things in store. They have a Peace and Conflict Studies department. And an English Literature department. And a Gender and Sexuality Studies department. And I just couldn't be more thrilled.
One of my favorite things on the site is 75 Ways to be a Swarthmorean. I so picked the right college. Here are the highlights:

-Don't just keep up with the news, report it for War News Radio.
-Yell, “safety school!” at a Haverford-Swarthmore basketball game.
-Be clueless about what you want to do after you graduate - except in an abstract, “save the world” kind of way.
-Try to get eight hours of sleep one night a week.
-Learn that it’s OK to get an A- (or a B+ or a B).
-Leave a party early to do homework.
-Borrow a Sharples tray and sled down the hill from the bell tower.
-Be in a class discussion that runs more than four (or five or six) hours.
-Get an internship that makes your humanities major more marketable after graduation.
-Go to First and Last Collection in the amphitheater. Appreciate closure.
-Take a course in a department you never thought you could excel in.
-Use the word “hegemony.” All the time.
-Chalk the sidewalks around campus with socially responsible propaganda.
-Pull an all-nighter to finish (start?) tomorrow’s paper, due at 10 a.m. Skip your 10:30 a.m. class to sleep.
-Go to Jamboree, a three-hour a cappella concert held each semester, because you have a friend in each of the eight groups performing.
-Point out the “inherent contradictions” in an author’s argument.
-Learn the pizza man’s life story.
-Re-evaluate your basic assumptions about the world.
-Do something good for the world.


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  1. The daily use of the word "hegemony" alone makes it your school.