Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fish Dish

Someone recently asked me what I will, without question, take to college. My answer without hesitation was not clothes or pictures or journals. It was my fish dish.
My best friend made the fish dish in a ceramics class 2 years ago. It's awful. It's ugly and poorly made and you couldn't pay people to take it. So, naturally, once the class was over she was going to throw it away. I couldn't bear to have her throw away all the hours of work she'd put into it, so I said I wanted it. I brought home the fish dish, and it's lived in my bathroom since, sitting on my Italian Marble counter, holding all the things that would be a mess otherwise.
So my item is my fish dish, because as ugly as it is, it reminds me of my best friend. It makes me smile whenever I think about it. I love the stupid thing.

1 comment:

  1. It's nice that something ugly and poorly made reminds you of me.

    Thank you for loving my fish dish when no one else could bear looking at it.