Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Motto

Family mottos are big deals.
There is a whole eHow website on Family Mottos. I think it's hilarious, because a motto should come naturally and organically. You shouldn't have to decide upon it. I think a family motto is something every member of the family knows and believes and lives by.
The Kennedy family motto was "avise la fin" which translated means "consider the end". When considered with the Kennedy family curse, it's a poor motto. Hell, when you have an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to your family tragedies, maybe it's time to reconsider your motto. I think they should have gone with "bene decessit", which translated means "he has died well (a natural death)". That could have helped them big time.
In our ward, there is a really popular family motto. I'm not sure who started it, but there are a few families that subscribe to it. It's "We're [insert last name here]s. We do hard things." It's pretty cool and deep and stuff, I guess. The whole mass family motto thing was kinda a turn off.
Historically, people with the last name of Pugh have had the motto "sic itur ad astra" which translates to  "such is the way to immortality". LAME. I'm not interested in immortality. I'm quite fine with the state of my soul, I'm really not looking to have it saved. Thanks though.
Lately, Judy has been trying to change our family motto to "we share our feelings." The other three of us, who don't share our feelings, aren't okay with it. We could possibly consider "Judy shares her feelings", but the whole "we" thing isn't working out for us.
The actual family motto, which I will cling to until the day I die, is "it could be worse". I love it so much, because it makes me laugh and reminds me that things are going to be okay. We've gotten through lots of bad things, we can get through lots more. And things could always be worse. If all else fails, we go to Hawaii, because that way, things could be worse; we could not be in Hawaii.

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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about family mottos. I immediately see the point of view problem. Who is really creating the motto?

    Ed and I had a conversation one night about our family motto should be and he came up with the following: Buy high, sell low, or give it away.

    That pretty much describes it.

    Tom's mother used to say, "We work like Trojans."