Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

I don't know why today is called Boxing day. Funny enough, it's become the Brits version of Black Friday, but it seems even more gluttonous, because you've just gotten presents and you can't shop under the guise of buying Christmas for the rest of your family. Those crazy Brits and their holidays. In Ireland, because the Irish cannot have the same holidays as the Brits, Boxing Day known as the Day of the Wren, which I think is much prettier. Germany calls it Second Christmas Day, which is just stupid, because then you've got three days of Christmas (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Second Christmas) and you've made a whole bloody weekend out of it. And in South Africa, after Mandela took the presidency in '94, it became Day of Goodwill, which is very much in tune with Mandela, who I love.
More importantly, today is my half birthday.
I happen to have the best birthday in the world. See, it's almost exactly six months away from Christmas, which makes present-getting nicely spread out throughout the year. I mean, if you're going to get presents twice a year for no real reason, they might as well come at nice intervals.
The only downside of my birthday is that it always got skipped when I was little. Since my actual birthday is in the summer, they would normally celebrate it on my half birthday, which was always over Christmas break. So I didn't get a good in-class birthday celebration. I feel cheated.

Well, Christmas over here was good. We didn't go to the beach, which made me sad. But it was Sunday, and God forbids us to go to the beach on Sunday, so we hung around the condo. I started As I Lay Dying, which I got for Christmas. It's a beautiful book, but it's also a little overwhelming. I find I have to stop and reread parts over and over again to figure them out. But I think they're worth it.

My back is sunburned. Horrible. I hate sun burn. But I'm also getting a moderate tan elsewhere. It's always nice to have a skin tone that does not look sickly pale.  Maybe I'll go back to Utah and be miserably cold all the time, but show off my tan.

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