Sunday, December 11, 2011


This is a story of admission.
Kat came over to tweak a few things before she and Alex and I went to dinner before she and Alex went to the dance. I walked in the door and said hi to the parents. Lorin handed me a letter. It was from Swarthmore and I said, "how dare they?" because I figured it was junk mail. I was planning on hearing back from them on Thursday and I was convinced I wasn't getting in. So I opened the letter feeling like they were taunting me by sending me mail days before they rejected me.
I opened it and saw "Congratulations! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Swarthmore College class of 2016!" I started jumping and screaming. And I hugged Kat like 30 times. Judy started crying. We were all surprised and ecstatic.
So I called Alex and freaked out. She was moments away. Which was wonderful, because all my favorite people ended up there.

So we went to dinner and I was so happy. Cloud freaking nine. I love my best friends. I love them more than anything. I dropped them off at the dance, and went home. Judy and I ate dark chocolate gelato and peach champagne gelato, because champagne is what you celebrate with. And we watched The Polar Express.
I think I will answer the phone for the next week "Hello, I got in to my first choice college. Congratulate me." I'M GOING TO SWARTHMORE. I want to walk around singing it. I'm so glad things worked out. What a wonderful world to live in.


  1. Brava, Hannah, brava! Gloria, gloria.

  2. Score! Way to go, Hannah. I haven't been there, but I've had long conversations with my former dissertation adviser. He went there from Harvard and loved the place. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  3. Can I just tell you that I love you and this blog so much? and I'm ever so happy for you.