Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quote Sunday

Today's quote comes from the infamous Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, because it's a quote that changed my life.
"So many people enter and leave your life! Hundreds of thousands of people! You have to keep the door open so they can come in! But it also means you have to let them go!"

Like I said yesterday, I'm in that spot where I almost have be a grown-up and it's scary and sad and painful. There are so many wonderful people in my life. People that I don't ever want to let go of, but that I'm going to have to pretty soon. And things will never be the same. I'm really not good with eternal change and eternal goodbyes. Like the most excruciating thing you can do to me is say goodbye forever. (Guess where that comes from). Anyway, the first time I read this, I promised myself I would make sure people would leave my life knowing how much they meant to me. I know I have to say goodbye sometimes, and no matter the circumstances of the goodbye, I want people to know that I loved them, that they helped me, that I am better for our relationship. I'm not very good at this. It requires vulnerability, which is not a strong suit of mine, but I try really hard to let people know they've been important.
Come June, I think I'll probably have to write about a billion letters to all the high school students and teachers who I love. I'm going to miss my life. Things will never be the same. Good things are coming, but saying goodbye will still rip my heart out into a billion pieces.

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