Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quote Sunday

This week I finally got along to rereading The Razor's Edge and I was kinda disappointed. It still explored all the wonderful earth-shattering topics it did before, but this time, it didn't make me feel. It was like Maugham was forcing his point on the reader. The plot felt like it was hammered out to say what Maugham wanted it to say. It didn't feel natural. There was nothing organic about it. But, that being said, there are still little tidbits that bring me immense happiness. It's funny because I read the book almost slogging through it, but every 25 pages or so I would find a quote that changed my world the first time I read it. And it would still mean a lot. But those quotes felt so familiar and comfortable amidst a book that had let me down.
So, quote number one is an old favorite:
"Almost all the people who've had most effect on me I seem to have met by chance, yet looking back it seems as though I couldn't but have met them. It's as if they were waiting to be called upon when I needed them."
I love this one because I think we all feel that. The people who I love the most, it seems like I never should have developed a relationship with. It seems like a few tricks of fate led us to be close. Yet, I can't imagine who I would be without them. I wouldn't be me. I would be a different me. And I don't think I would like that me as much.
Quote number two is a new favorite:
"If you feel like telling me I'm a damned fool, don't hesitate. I wouldn't mind in the least."
I love this one because I don't think I let people tell me I'm a damned fool enough. I insist I've got it all figured out when clearly I don't. Who does? I think life would be simpler and happier if I let more people tell me I'm a damned fool.

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  1. I love this more than words can say...I know I often think I have it all figured out when really- someone needs to knock me across the head and tell me I'm a damned fool.