Thursday, November 10, 2011


Lots of things make me angry.
One of those things is when a girl over the age of 12 (and that's being generous) is obsessed with princesses. Because you know what that says? It says, "the only value I see in myself is my ability as a wife. I hope some man will someday choose me to be his wife because otherwise I will waste away."
Luckily for me, lots of other women hate princess movies too. Sometimes, when I get angry at the rampant sexism, I read feminist blogs.
I think that every girl over the age of 12 who professes to like princesses should have to read 
THIS ARTICLE, and then we can talk about princesses and good role models.

"Ariel of The Little Mermaid, who is another character that I’ve had deep resentment for since childhood. Ariel, other than being in the movie responsible for rekindling popularity for the princess narrative (the last princess movie wasSleeping Beauty in 1959 [which failed to make a large profit]), gives up her voice. For legs. And a vagina. So that she can be with some guy she doesn’t know. "

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