Saturday, November 19, 2011

Longings of childhood

The other day I came across a list my friend had written on her blog about all the simpler things she missed about childhood. My friends and I, we're in the spot where we're almost grown-ups and all of a sudden we're not sure we actually want to be, because we're starting to see that being a grown up is scary business. Anyway, her list made me cry and inspired me to make my own.
Things I miss about my childhood:

  • Getting in trouble meant a time-out. 
  • Being a friend meant playing on the monkey bars together. 
  • Not caring enough to even brush my hair in the mornings.
  • Being able to cry when I felt sad, wherever I was and whatever was going on.
  • People asking what your favorite color was, not what you were going to do with the rest of your life.
  • Big decisions were things like deciding what color to paint your paper-mache fish.
  • The first six years of my life when I only wore dresses.
  • Scone Cutter after dance classes.
  • Biking to swim practice on summer mornings.
  • Playing in the mud in the little tiny pond up at the cabin.
  • Hours and hours spent playing pool games
  • Courage meant going down the waterslide head-first.
  • Integrity meant admitting to eating that cookie when Judy wasn't in the kitchen.
  • Trusting that everything the adults told me was true and correct and safe.
  • October trips to Hawaii, because school could be missed.
  • Jumpers and shiny patent-leather school shoes.
  • My dad reading me The Chronicles of Narnia series.
  • Bedtime stories about Puddleglum and Fiddly-Wog.
  • Recess and P.E. classes. 
  • Birthday parties kids style.
I could go on forever, but I think that's enough for now. Growing up is kinda hard.

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  1. I'm so flattered that you liked my idea. Growing up really is a sad thing. I love your blog and I really miss you a lot.