Monday, November 14, 2011


Amidst hours of conversation, someone who loves me very much said to me last week, “Hannah, we have to punish you to teach you anything.”
I thought about this one a lot, because it is so absolutely true. I’m rarely willing to fully listen to what others are saying. I always insist that I know better and that if I’m wrong, I’ll figure it out my own way. It seems like I’m only ever willing to listen after I’ve screwed up and ran out of all my own options. I can see there are some obvious flaws in this approach. If I try to learn all the difficult lessons by myself, then I’ll have a miserable life. Yes, there are experiences that must be my own. Some turn out to be incredibly important. But not all experiences are worthwhile. If I continue to live this way, I will eventually just be beaten and there will be nothing to be gained from the beating. So one thing I have to change is that I have to be willing to learn from others. I can’t be so bent on learning things my own way and on ignoring the other voices in my life. I’m got to start listening more carefully to those around me, because I want to save myself the pain.

That was realization number two of last weekend. Still more coming.

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