Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Jacket

Today, I'm starting something no one ever thought I would. Serious snowboarding.
By serious I mean more than once a year.
I signed up for Rec. Skiing this term, because I'm a senior, and I decided I'm only going to take classes I want this year. So I'm currently in an English class, a history class, a history-English synthesis class, two math classes and debate. I finally dropped photo so I could take creative writing. I opted against science and French.
And I'm in Rec. Skiing.
So I'm going to be up at the ski resort 2-3 times a week. And for the first month, I expect to be sore every single day, because I tend to fall a lot.
Serious skiing has prompted some purchasing. I had a snowboard. I had boots. That was it. So we ravaged the closet for gloves, hats and the like. We took a trip to REI for snow pants.
While we were there, I suggested I should get a parka. My mom had tried earlier to convince me to wear her seal skin parka that my dad bought her decades ago. Apparently, "it's a great coat. It's seal skin, so it's really warm and dry". I reminded her that A) I'm a vegetarian, B) Fur is no longer socially acceptable, C) Even if it were socially acceptable, I am too young to wear fur and D) Only one-percenters wear fur on the ski slope.
So at REI, I got my new favorite piece of clothing. I love it more than my black Friday boots. It's my Patagonia down jacket. I will wear it for the next 20 year. It's also beautiful:

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  1. Oh blubber, blubber. The coat was dead when your dad bought it. What does vegetarian have to do with it? She didn't ask you to eat the coat.