Sunday, November 6, 2011

I have the best friends in the entire world

Just so we're clear, I have the best friends in the entire world.
Best friend number one has been called 31 times this week (I counted). She answered every time. Even though she knew it would be a conversation about me and what I was feeling and would be draining for her.
Best friend number two just sent me this email:
If you need anything to cheer you up, ponder things like these: 
You could always be living in Greece, where if your life were already in'd be in Greece. 
If you wanted to go to the moon, I would build a rocket ship for you, that would fly you up to the moon in five minutes. You'd get to the moon, have a vacation of dreams and eat funny ice cream. You'd also be ages away from any stupid earth problems. You'd only have stupid moon problems.
And. You don't eat meat, so you're a better person than most people, in my book.
Also. I will defend your honor to the death. Expect that always
Yeah, I definitely have the best friends in the entire universe. No question about it.

PS. There are many other people in my life who I love very deeply. I don't want them to feel downplayed. They mean the world to me. Somehow, I ended up with people who will stick with me through anything, care about me no matter what, and love me more than I deserve. For that, I thank the God I only believe in sometimes.

Pss. If you've texted/called me the past few days, I haven't ignored you personally. My phone is off and will remain so until Wednesday. Long story.

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