Sunday, October 16, 2011

[ ] Quote Sunday

I'm ceded. I give up on quote whore Sunday, because I don't want certain senior citizens trying to find my blog and ending up with a computer eaten alive by porn, and NOT because I'm weak. Also, maybe it was kinda juvenile.

Part of the point of the word whore was that it looked wonderful next to the word Sunday. As a compromise between a certain senior citizen and me, it'll now be Iniquitous Quote Sunday. This is my way of saying I will not be posting religious quotes just because it's Sunday. You'll have to hi-jack my blog to get a quote from a general authority on here.

Enter vague irony that today's quote involves God.

Today's quote comes out of Beloved, because it's the part that has followed me for days. It's beautiful quote and I saved it for today.

"She was accustomed to the knowledge that nobody prayed for her."

Now, maybe you're thinking wait a second, that's neither profound nor beautiful. To which I say, you're wrong. When I first read this line, it jumped off the page at me, because I want people to pray for me. I don't want them to tell me they pray for me, because that makes me feel defensive, and want to prove to them that I don't need their prayers. But I want people to care about me enough they would invoke their God on my behalf. Isn't that a wonderful idea? Isn't that the best way to show love? A silent act of selfless giving. Trying to help someone in a way they can't help themselves.

I love it. I hope I can always believe people are praying for me. I hope I always have people in my life who I can believe would pray for me.

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  1. I like Iniquitous Quote Sunday so much better.

    Yes, why is it we don't want to be told that someone's praying for us? It sounds like something a Pharisee might say. All is well; I'm praying for you. I know people.

    Pray in secret for me.

    Senior Citizen.