Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So since I was three, I've worn skirts and dresses to school. It's never been a big deal, just part of school. I actually love my uniform. I loved never worrying about what I wear to school. And I like skirts. They're comfy. Plaid skirt, thick tights and warm boots during the winter is pure perfection. I'd never considered wearing the in-uniform navy pants, because I was really comfortable with my skirt.
A few weeks ago, we had an assembly at school talking about skirt lengths and how lots of girls wear skirts that are way too short. The motto of the assembly was "we're going for business casual and short skirts are not business casual."I didn't pay a ton of attention because my skirts just aren't too short. I don't like them too short. It makes me self-conscious of my clothes, and the whole reason I love my uniform is that I'm not focused on clothing.
A few days later, we were talking about the assembly in my Feminist lit class. My teacher told me. "think about it. Guys could go to an interview in their uniforms. I mean, khaki pants and a polo might look a little nerdy, but they'd be fine. Girls couldn't do that. The plaid skirt has become such a fetish, it's not business casual it's a sex outfit. The most radical thing you can do here is wear the pants."
I thought about it, realized she was right, and went to J Crew and bought these:

I started wearing them to school. For the first two classes, I was acutely aware that I was wearing pants. Then I stopped focusing on it. It wasn't actually that big a deal.  I actually got a few compliments on them. It didn't feel at all like I was making a statement.
Then today was parent's day. I saw one of my good friend's dad. He looked at me and pointed at my pants "Hannah, what the?" I thought he was referring to the pants that they were cords, but insisted "they're in uniform." He replied, "no they're not! They're pants. Girls can't wear pants!" Funny enough, I was walking down the hallway with my feminist lit teacher and she kinda snapped at them "yes they can! They're in uniform!" He shrugged and said bye.
In that moment, I realized it is kinda radical to wear pants. I'd always just thought I chose to wear a skirt, but I'd never realized I was expected to. Girls are actually expected to wear skirts. That's not acceptable at all. So now I'm totally committed to my pants, because no one gets to tell me to wear a skirt. No one.

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