Monday, October 10, 2011

Live Simply

Lately, I've been loving Patagonia clothes. I have this thick fleece with a purple windbreaker on the outside that someone in my family bought in the ninties. I've been wearing it all the time. Patagonia's slogan is live simply, and yesterday, I took it to heart.
So yesterday, I went up to the cabin all by myself. I built a fire, dragged the big comfy chair in front of it and curled up with a really good book. Need a visual? Ta-da!

[forgive the poor quality of the cell phone picture]

It was glorious to say the least. I spent the evening without phone service, internet and television. It was just me and my book. I brought up homework that needed doing, but I decided that I was going to let that slide and do what I wanted to. It was one of those touchstone moments for me.
My life is busy, so busy that when I don't have something going on I have mini anxiety attacks. Life simply has felt like a pretty ideal that was valuable, but not that important like doing yoga or knitting or reading poetry; good for the soul, but something I can do without. Oh how wrong I was.
Live simply means putting all the things that feel important but aren't necessary aside. It means taking joy in the fundamental things that are too often disregard as common and therefore unimportant. They are actually really important. Live simply means live in the moment - find peace and comfort where you are. Don't life for the future, everything you need can be found where you're at.
The picture above is the new background on my phone as a reminder that living simply is so damn rewarding, and so worth the battle to put everything away.
So I'm getting rid of my facebook account, I'm turning the TV off (except for house and modern family), the internet is only for homework and blogging, and texting is no longer a casual past time.
Wish me luck. I think it'll be worth it. 


  1. I think you should give up "whore Sunday" as well. I googled it and came across some really nasty stuff.

    Just saying.

  2. It's not whore sunday, it's QUOTE whore sunday.

    You should've known better than to google ANYTHING with the word whore in it, just saying.