Friday, October 21, 2011

The Chocolate Fountain Fiasco

A few years ago, my mom bought a chocolate fountain at Costco on a whim. She has a tendency to do that a lot. Our dog is named Whimzy because we bought her on a whim. I'm pretty sure our condo in Hawaii was also bought on a whim.
Anyway, the first time we used it, my mom was quite proud and excited about her new toy. She assembled it, melted the chocolate in the microwave, filled the dish at the bottom, and turned it on. Everything was good for about 15 seconds. Then, chocolate started spraying everywhere. Think sprinkler of melted chocolate. In our kitchen. 
She quickly turned it off and turned toe top piece upside down. She turned it on again. 15 seconds later, we again had our  chocolate sprinkler.
She turned it off, and we used the bottom part as a fondue pot. The chocolate fountain was put away.

Last Sunday, my mom decided to resurrect the chocolate faountain. 15 seconds into it, we had ourselves a fully loaded chocolate sprinkler. 
The dog thought it was the best thing to ever happen. So did the four year old. The adults weren't as convinced.
Needless to say, we ended up using the bottom as a fondue pot.

I think I'll see if we can try again this Sunday.

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