Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hi, I'm Hannah and I can't handle growing up.

When Harry Potter first became popular, my dad bought it and we started to read it together. It was too scary for little me. So we put it back on the shelf in favor of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A few years later we picked it up again, and this time we finished it. And then we read the second. And then the third. By the time we reached the fourth, I insisted on reading it on my own.
The first movie came out in 2001. I was 7. It was the first movie I ever stood in line for. My family and our neighbors (who are our best friends ever) stood in line for 3 hours. Even then, we were in the sixth or seventh row. It was a very scary movie for little me. I remember walking out to stand in the halls at some points because it was just too much. I also held my dad's hand through all of it, and bit him a few times.
Now it's 10 year later, I'm 17, and I saw the last movie last night. I couldn't help but feeling a giant loss of my childhood. Then again, everything these days makes me feel a giant loss of childhood. I've longed for freedom since I was 14 and decided I wanted to go to boarding school. Now I'm getting close. I'm choosing a college. That is a big deal. I'm making important decisions. I'm nearly an adult. And all the while, I'm thinking of the things I'm going to miss that I haven't loved or appreciated as much as I should have. So, without adieu, let me introduce:

A list of the first 15 things that came to mind that I will miss
(emphasis, things not people. That could be a list all it's own):
-Knowing which way is East because of the Wasatch mountains
-13th East, 106th South, Wasatch boulevard and I-15
-My giant (but beautiful) car
-Knowing there will be dinner
-Driving home and looking at the horses in the pasture
-My queen-sized bed
-My dog who cuddles with me at night
-Finding notes from my dad
-Grocery shopping at the Smith's down the street
-Seeing deer and baby quail in the back yard
-Watching House as a family every Monday night
-Waving at neighbors in the street
-Movies at Jordan Commons
-Driving in the snow
-Being outside when I want to

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