Monday, July 11, 2011

Girl's camp: survived

I spent the past four days at Mormon Girl's camp; not exactly or even remotely my element. The highlight/rock bottom low was the first night. Disclaimer: I don't remember any of this.
I don't sleep well camping. Initially, I can go to sleep, but then I usually wake up every 45 minutes or so, and then it takes me another 30 minutes to fall asleep again. Knowing this about myself, I brought a few Ambien-halves guaranteed for a good night's sleep.
So that first night, I took a half. Then the girls in my tent started interrogating me. It was mostly smooth sailing, with questions like "tell us about your boyfriends" and "what do you think about ____". Apparently, I'm fairly funny on sleeping pills, because I act like I'm drunk. Unfortunately, I was talking very loud. Even more unfortunately, I decided that it was a good time to call my young women's president a bitch. Twice.
Needless to say, the next day wasn't so pretty. I got in a wee bit of trouble and had to issue a few apologies.

I'd like to note, however, that in any other context (one where we weren't pretending we had the morals of a nun and the naiveté of a seven-year-old) it would have been hilarious.

ps. I LOVE the music from this musical. Especially after camp.

"I believe that ancient jews built boats and sailed to America... I believe that God has a plan for all of us. I believe that plan involves me getting my own planet... I believe that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people... I believe that God lives on a planet called Kolob. I believe that Jesus has His own planet as well. And I believe that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri."

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  1. Someone should collect Ambien stories. I have a few of my own.