Saturday, July 16, 2011

Being Friends with Firefighters is Exciting.

You get to hear all their cool stories.
Tonight, our firefighter captain / SWAT team trainer friend, Steve came over to the cabin. We chatted for a while and he told us about a few of his adventures. Then he told us the gem of the night.
One day, they got a call to get a cat out of a tree. This doesn't usually happen to firemen anywhere besides cartoons, but one this one occasion an elderly had called the fire department to come get her dear cat, Fluffy, down from a tree.
They arrived on the scene and the captain had a stern talking to with this lady:
"M'am, I know that in the movies firemen get cats down from trees, but we don't really do that. Lemme tell you why. Have you ever seen a dead cat or a cat skeleton in a tree? No. They always find their way down. Your cat doesn't need our saving, he'll be down in a little while."
They left and the lady, while still concerned about Fluffy, felt mostly put to ease.
They put out a house fire that night, and the next day they had off. So two days later, they were back on the job, lounging around the fire station when they got a call to the same address for another cat stuck up in a tree.
The captain grumbled about an old woman not learning her lesson, but they went anyway. When they got there they found a very irate old lady. She pointed up at the tree where, dropped over the branch like a flag, was a dead Fluffy.
Steve went up to the top of the tree and picked Fluffy up, but Fluffy was so dead his rigor mortam (?) had set in. He held his shape of being hung over the tree branch. Steve tried to move the legs a little big before handing the corpse back to the distraught old woman, but it started to crack like it was going to come off, so he decided to cut his losses and give Fluffy back as-is.
The captain got a large amount of crap for that, and, needless to say, the next time there was a call about a cat in the tree, he responded immediately.

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