Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our curtains are motorized

Sometimes, I forget that my family is so weird.
We make Alzheimer's jokes, because at this point my parent's aren't considered early-onset. Museums, movies, and some restaurants are super cheap because we're two children and two seniors. My dad collects minerals and my mom has to be forced to spend more than sixty dollars on an item of clothing. We have a heated floor because the rock gets too cold in the winter. Our basement door doesn't close all the way, so when it rains worms come crawling onto our carpet. Our dog is the most high maintenance member of our family. We have six shelves full of church books (including like four different kinds of bibles). Our attic has quotes written all over the walls and posters from the seventies. We have a room filled with animal heads (caribou, moose, 2 elk, 3 deer, and a sheep). Seventy-five percent of our mail is from the church for my dad. My mom can't hardly hear anything, so she has special headphones to watch tv. And of course, our curtains are motorized.
And yet, despite all our weirdness, I love my family. Most of the time.

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