Sunday, June 26, 2011


My family isn't one that has a lot of rigorously upheld traditions. We go to Hawaii at Christmas and do fireworks on the fourth of July and we decorate the family room for birthdays. When Sam and I were younger it was so exciting to wake up the morning of our birthday, come upstairs, and see what Lorin had cooked up that year. It was equally exciting to rip down the streamers and balloons a few days later. Last year I was in Europe for my birthday (it was a great one), and needless to say there were no streamers. I was pretty happy to wake up this morning and find the front room all decorated again. It was really sweet of Lorin to get up extra early (first meeting this morning was at 6) and decorate the family room. I'm terribly lucky to have the family I have.

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  1. Happy Birthday, dear Hannah! May all your dreams come true, even though that's not even possible. May a fistful of your dreams come true. May you get pregnant WHEN YOU WANT and not WHEN YOU DON'T WANT. May you get accepted to all the universities you applied to. May you visit peoples and places I've never heard of. May you always have a BFF or two. May you climb that mountain this summer.

    I love, luv, lurve, luff you.