Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ben Franklin's Virtues

In October, for English class, we had to make a list of our own personal virtues like Ben Franklin did in his autobiography. I came up with something and turned it in, but I continued to think about and refine that list over the past year. Here's what I've finally come up with:

1. Observation
Pay attention to the world. Form your own opinion. Notice details. Find beauty.

2. Rebellion
Break rules. Challenge authority. Take risks. Don’t allow others to define you.

3. Perseverance
Challenge yourself beyond your capacity. You have an inner strength that only appears when needed. Find it.

4. Reflection
Keep a journal, not of your day-to-day life but of your emotions, thoughts, and opinions. Be honest.

5. Self-expansion
Find good mentors and travel.

6. Gentleness
Allow yourself to be taken care of and be willing to take care of others.

7. Determination
Make unfathomable plans. Dream bigger than you think is possible. Address your every whim. An opportunity will arise and you will do something amazing.

8. Openness
Love, be vulnerable and cry, tears show sadness, fear, anger, happiness, and love better than any words.

9. Kindness
Lend your heart to compassion and generosity.

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