Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Nineties

My hair would have rocked the nineties. Lemme tell you.
Once I had realllllly long hair. But then I got really tired of it. So I cut it all off. I should have cut off 2 inches more and donated it to locks of love. Unfortunately, I just cut most of it off and threw it away. Sorry cancer patients. Maybe next time.
When I got back from Europe, my hair was SUPER blonde. So I dyed it darker. Except darker with a reddish undertone turned into pink. There might have been tears. Luckily, a friend saved my ass and got me into another hairdresser, who is awesome, and got rid of the pink.
Now my hair is back to a light blonde, and it's a little shorter with layers. Enter nineties. When my hair is short and layered it naturally flips up, like this:


Fate is so cruel. I would have rocked the nineties. Perhaps even the early 2000s.

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